Swedish Bank Skurups Sparbank - an ever changing brand - since 1881

Skyhatt started working with Swedish bank Skurups Sparbank "way back" in 2009.Since then we have redesigned their profile and implemented communication policies, helped the bank set sales targets and measure ROI.

So, now that the bank has a new profile, their new website is being developed and they have started concentrating on sales events, ROI and implementing a revised marketing strategy we go into a new exciting time in our partnership; namely focusing on what an organisation actually does with a brand. Where does it take us?

Do we have a brand?
First question we had to ask ourselves back in 2009 was “Do we have a brand to work with?”. The answer was without doubt “Yes”. The bank was voted the best in Sweden for customer service with a majority market share.

What are the challenges?
For the bank, it was simple. A major shift in technology awareness in the marketplace and many new banks sprouting up. Traditionally, people trust banks with an office. With the new net based banks taking more and more market share every day, the challenge was to find the USP and communicate it.

For Skyhatt, this was a very easy challenge. The bank had a trusted and recognised brand but found it hard to communicate why it was so special. In 2009, what set the bank apart was the simple fact that they were “number one”. So we used it. As a “backup plan” we also saw that a major thing that was special was the fact that the bank gave back a substantial portion of their profits to the community. From sponsoring the scouts to building a new sports arena, the bank was indeed an important part of the community.

So we simply developed visuals that told the story of a bank that is number one – and a bank that gives back to the community.

It worked. The staff got behind the new visuals and used them to communicate the story to their clients.

Next step?
It is a common weakness that our client shares with a large majority of corporations; they are good at what they do but not as good at communication, marketing, sales and following up investments.
So we will help them. Implementing new sales strategies, organising events and documenting sponsorship projects – watch this space to find out where this will take us!



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