We brainstormed. What's in it for me? What is good marketing? What does it all mean? And why did the dinosaurs die out? :)

Skyhatt is a communications agency.

 But what we typical “design firms” or “shops” or “bureaus” usually miss is that in all honestly – what it comes down to is marketing. Our clients have to sell more product for our services to be worth anything.

As we have mentioned before – branding is not just a case of “here is a cool logo” and hey – how about some stationery and you are set for life. Branding is about communication. And communicating what makes you and your company different from all the rest.

But aside from finding a good USP and cool visuals, Skyhatt try to look deeper. So we compiled a list of things we would like companies in general to think about.

1. What’s in it for me?
Any ad, offer or communication with a company has to answer this question. All our clients – and yours – need a good answer to this question. If they don’t get it then they will (and should) move on.

2. I want to get a good deal.
Again “what’s in it for me” comes into play; but with an added dimension. If your client buys your product or service – are they going to be the hero at the office / home / amongst friends etc. We have all done it – bought a product that we never used again. Now ask yourself this question – would you ever buy or recommend that product or service to anyone? Of course not. So offer a solution to a clients problem that will in fact solve a real problem.

3. Concentrate on me.
If you are in a meeting with someone – why not just switch your phone off? Your clients don’t need to know that you have other business relationships to take care of. The client in front of you is the most important. Always.

4. The price is not always important.
The solution is. If your product or service needs to be more expensive than the rest of the competition; don’t apologise. Price it accordingly! But remember that you will have to be able to explain why it’s more expensive.

5. Talk to me. Often. Or I will forget that we ever met.
Your customers need to be reminded that they are important to you. Good solid advertising can help but you still have to remember that no matter how good your copy or ads are; if you forget about a customer then they will forget about you. Most likely before you forget about them.

6. Give me ownership.
Ever told a “I bought this product and it was fantastic-story”? Well. Everyone has. I bought a Electrolux Robot vacuum cleaner just over a year ago and it has saved me a lot of time, energy etc. I have even given it a name. It’s cute. See what happened? I just plugged Electrolux. And their products. Show your clients why you are fantastic and they will want to take ownership of your products and tell others about them. They were smart, choosing you as a provider; their friends must be made aware of how smart they are.

7. Me client, you vendor.
We are not on an equal foot. You want your clients to “do something”. They will always have the upper hand in the relationship. Don’t forget it.

8. I like talking to you – so I might call you to place an order.
You just got that new e-com website installed and clients are calling you. Why do they do that? Are they so stupid they can’t handle a website? Well – maybe they just liked the personal relationship. Some people are like that. Don’t remind them every time they call that they could have gotten the same service from the website. They couldn’t. You weren’t there to talk to them.

9. Don’t talk tech.
If you are in a relationship with a client then don’t talk tech. They know that you know your stuff. Use normal words and phrases. Don’t try to impress. Communicate.

10. You are allowed to mess up.
We all make mistakes. What is vital is trust. If you make a mistake with a client then show them that you have learnt something from it and taken steps to make sure that it never happens again.

This list is far from complete but the result of a quick brainstorm we had. We thought that we would share it:)


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