What is a brand identity?

Think of a brand identity as the suit of clothes you wear, the expression on your face, and the words which you speak.

Are you dressed in jeans and a t-shirt or are you in a formal suit and tie?
Is your face serious and business-like or is it open and friendly?
Do you say “hi, how are you” with a casual smile or do you say “let’s get down to business” with a firm handshake? Or do you need to be a bit of both of these?

Once you have decided how you want to be, you must be like this all of the time.

That’s how a brand works.

What is a brand for?

A brand identity is about two very simple, very basic human needs:
Recognition and trust.

What is a brand identity made of?

It’s made of every single instance of communication between you and your customers.

When do we use a brand identity?

Everywhere. All the time.

So how does a brand identity work for me?
In exactly the same way that a good brand identity works for any business or organisation.
It says who you are.
It tells what you do.
It shows you are special.

What is the single, most important thing a brand must make clear to your customers?

What you have that no-one else has.

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