Restaurant "Årstiderna"

Restaurant "Årstiderna" (=Seasons) in Malmo represent with its attractive location in "Kockska Huset" both cultural and culinary history. The house, built in the early 1520s, is regarded by historians as one of the best preserved private homes - a masterful building that reflects the critical period between late Gothic and Renaissance. Constructor was the Danish king mint master in Malmo, Jorgen Kock (1487-1556).

Even back in those days, the house boasted demonstrably generous space for banquets, ceremonies and celebrations where mead, Burgundian and rehnskt wine flowed. Over the centuries "Kockska Huset"from and also served as a guest houses, including the regime Johan Clausen Ebbe in the 1600s.

The culinary tradition is now continued by the current the owner family Pieplow with the "Årstiderna" Restaurant.


Skyhatt was asked to design a presentation of the restaurant and history. We jumped on the challenge; not only because we got to taste the food after principal photography was completed, but also because of the fact of the massive history that is behind the brand "Årstiderna". Moving it forward is an ongoing process that we enjoying with each and every bite.


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