BioProcess Control - Got a bioplant? Then you need to look here :)

Bioprocess Control is a privately held company and market leader in the area of Advanced Control Technologies for the commercial biogas industry, providing technologies and services that support the efficient design and operation of biogas plants & processes. The company was founded in 2006, bringing to market close to 10 years of industry leading research in the area of instrumentation, control and automation of anaerobic digestion processes.

Their advanced SCADA solution Biogas OptimizerTM was selected as the top Swedish Clean Tech innovation of the year in 2007 for its ability to both accelerate and improve the stability of biogas processes. Biogas OptimizerTM was subsequently commercially launched in 2008 along with a portfolio of services for both customers and partners.
Bioprocess Control launched its Intelligent Process Automation Solutions (IPAS) service area in 2009 to meet a growing demand from customers and partners to deliver an automation solution that supports the efficient operation of specifically biogas plants & processes.


was asked to create some quick banner gifs for our long time friends at the company.

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