All you pretty things

Discovered these bits-n-bobs this morning, whilst trawling thru past work - brochures for Frog Design, annual report for Logitech and press ads for Montgomery Pfeifer. Ooh, wonder what else I'll find...


Industrial Strength Guitar

A poster done recently for Tin Spirits, the Prog Rock band featuring that most magnificent of guitarists Dave Gregory of XTC fame


Celebrate the Cedric in you

Twenty years ago, I stood behind this guy in a queue at Geneva airport. Now I've made him into an icon. Say it Cedric -






Flip-flop for Skurup

Nice flip-flop leporello for Skurup Sparbank. Colourful, all-at-a-glance;  their history and the important role they have played in their community for more than a century.

It's fun. It's informative. It's attractive. It's a keeper.

Epsilon - Future Consultants! Website revamped on Dynamicweb CMS

With 1550 employees and 10,249 independent partners and specialists in various networks Epsilon is Scandinavia's leading consultant shop for technology and systems development.

Epsilon decided to revamp their website using Dynamicweb CMS - and Skyhatt of course were happy to help with the development!

See the result here!