Kyrksajten - Website and CRM capabilities

Kyrksajten is now live. The website has advanced CRM capabilties and of course - some nice graphics! From the backend, staff can manage ads, customers, pipeline and of couse - edit content.

The web solution is built ontop of Dynamicweb CMS.



Kyrksajten - A service for Christianity in Sweden

Skyhatt was asked to rebrand the company - make it more modern and tweak the communication strategy. Lets start off with a small ad :)



OREX - Rebrand

Orex means appetite in Greek. Appetite is what Orex stands for. Appetite for food and good ingredients, but also an appetite for being a good partner. A partner who provides a little extra in terms of quality and service.

Skyhatt was asked to rebrand the company and this is our work in progress!



What kind of company gives a 2000 year warranty?

This one can!

Skyhatt was asked to produce a printed marketing tool to help Landernäs Marmor reach a wider audience and show off their fantastic products.


CSR Portal for Skurups Sparbank

As part of Skurups Savings Bank's commitment to the community, the Bank launched a gathering place on the net for the non.-profit foundations in the area

Voluntary organizations can easily gather information about events aggregate the content via the Bank’s website / social media channels or their own website.


What does the western part of Sweden taste like?

The "Taste of West Sweden" is a brand owned and operated by the West Swedish Tourist Board.The concept aims to package food products to a communicable whole and ensure quality content.

Skyhatt were asked to design a publication - and here is the result!




NSR (Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB)

NSR - Leading biogas producers in Sweden

NSR (Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB) is a regional cooperation in Waste Management. The region of Northwest Skåne has 225 000 inhabitants.

NSR's board of directors are represented by politicians from the six municipalities.

NSR's recycling company are owned by six municipalities Bjuv, Båstad, Helsingborg, Höganäs, Åstorp and Ängelholm and is one of the leading biogas producers in Sweden. NSR has always been in the frontline of research and development and possesses also a high competence within biological treatment, waste characterisation and landfill research.

Treatment should be chosen according to waste composition and waste properties. NSR follow the waste treatment hierarchy:

Avoidance & Minimisation 
Recovery (incineration, gasification)
Disposal (landfilling)

NSR saw the need to revamp their web presence and asked Skyhatt to redesign the website. This is the result:

The web solution is of course powered by Dynamicweb!