All you pretty things

Discovered these bits-n-bobs this morning, whilst trawling thru past work - brochures for Frog Design, annual report for Logitech and press ads for Montgomery Pfeifer. Ooh, wonder what else I'll find...


Industrial Strength Guitar

A poster done recently for Tin Spirits, the Prog Rock band featuring that most magnificent of guitarists Dave Gregory of XTC fame


Celebrate the Cedric in you

Twenty years ago, I stood behind this guy in a queue at Geneva airport. Now I've made him into an icon. Say it Cedric -






Flip-flop for Skurup

Nice flip-flop leporello for Skurup Sparbank. Colourful, all-at-a-glance;  their history and the important role they have played in their community for more than a century.

It's fun. It's informative. It's attractive. It's a keeper.

Epsilon - Future Consultants! Website revamped on Dynamicweb CMS

With 1550 employees and 10,249 independent partners and specialists in various networks Epsilon is Scandinavia's leading consultant shop for technology and systems development.

Epsilon decided to revamp their website using Dynamicweb CMS - and Skyhatt of course were happy to help with the development!

See the result here!


Buy a soft toy - and be nice :)

IKEA has a project going on right now together with the IKEA Foundation that we want to make you all aware of. It's just a great project - buy a soft toy and make someone happy. Read all about it here:


Get down to IKEA, folks!



IKEA Foundation revamp the website on Dynamicweb CMS

Launching soon... The IKEA Foundation website. Built on top of Dynamicweb CMS!


More on this project after launch :)


Skyhatt @ the IBL dinner.

Skyhatt's Tim and Emelie are @ the IBL dinner making friends.

Of course, Skyhatt helped with the design!


Check out http://www.brunoleoni.it




Can you handle Christmas?

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Christmas is approaching and e-stores all over the world are getting ready to provide this year’s killer gifts.

One thing that many stores forget is the jump in traffic that the Christmas Season gives them. The question is – Can your infrastructure handle it?

The average online shopper will wait 4 seconds before going to a competitor.

The first thing on your Christmas To-Do list is make sure that IT is aware of forthcoming campaigns that might stress the website past the know tolerance levels. Get marketing and IT to talk to each other!

Time to grab market share! If you are prepared and your competitors are not; when their websites are slow, unresponsive or maybe even down then shoppers will go elsewhere. Make sure you can handle the extra traffic!

Test, test and test again. Sites like www.loadimpact.com can give powerful insight into how geared your infrastructure is. Test. Change. Test again.

Don’t forget 3rd party content and don’t let it be your downfall! Many websites integrate content from a 3rd party. It can be a facebook or twitter widget or maybe even stock information. Make sure that the loading of your website is NOT DEPENDENT on 3rd party content being delivered. If the 3rd party website cannot serve content then your website should continue rendering regardless.

Last but not least – Check your bandwidth! Does your host cap bandwidth? Can you increase the capacity of your line “on demand”? Is the bandwidth allocated to your server dedicated or is it shared?


Scissors, paper; rocks.

Cutting up bits of paper - there's no substitute if the effect you're after is... bits of cut-up paper.

Two well-known realtors in the Skåne area, have joined together to make a new, bigger, brighter company called Bülow Lind, and asked Skyhatt to propose a brand and marketing strategy to...

Build their reputation...

Bestride the skyline like a colossus...

Own the 'house' and be top of mind for the house-viewing exerience...

Be the best matchmaker in the world between property and buyer...

By taking the common-or-garden little house and breaking it into a kaleidoscope of colours, we've given it a new variant; inviting folks to take another look at the once over-familiar. Like Bülow Lind it's become refreshed and distinctive again.



Friday - time for the weekend!

Just a quick note to wish you all a great weekend!

And sort of an update on what we are working on...

Tim is hard at work on a new profile for one of our clients:

And Ida and Daniel - The dynamic duo:

...And Paul is hard at work coding!





OK. So you are working on something? With who?

We are working on this:

With these fantastic companies...

bergsäker18x13.5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
Dematek9x13.5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
Kosmo9x5cmStockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
markstyrkan_9x5Stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
MSIB18x5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
NCC_Binab18x27stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
NormekBrisab18x13.5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
Peab9x5cmStockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
Perspectives9x13.5Stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
plåtkonsult_18x5cm_Stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
Projektengagemang18x13.5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
storkoksbyran9X5cm_Stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
White18x13.5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
WSP18x13.5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file

Anyone want to guess now?


What are we doing?!

When we started this blog our vision was to give friends, partners and clients an insight into the day to day workings of the company. We wanted to share thoughts, projects and ideas.

Is this another "sorry for not updating post"?

Sort of. More like...

It's sort of a "This is how good intentions can be forgotten when you have a heavy workload"-post.

Let's start over.

Title: This is how good intentions can be forgotten when you have a heavy workload

And they haven't been forgotten. We have remembered all that jazz now. We are back. To kick botty.

So - what are we working on now? Well... Here is a clue:



Highest SEO rating in CMS test....

SEO firm Jajja tested a few CMS tools (quite a lot) and Dynamicweb came out with the highest marks:


Really good news for our partner Dynamicweb AB and really good news for all our clients that use Dynamicweb as their CMS platform!

Good job guys!



Lookilox is launched - now in Beta!

As posted previously - creating an e-commerce website is a big challenge. Creating a user friendly experience together with displaying EXACTLY the products the user wants and needs is a further challenge.

With the launch of LookiLox.se we decided to approach this from the "lets keep it simple" methodology. The site is basic. But loaded and powered by Dynamicweb's statistic module. We will track user behaviour in the beta stage and then leverage new functionality, design and UX to solve real world problems instead of trying to get it perfect right from the start.

It's a new approach. But we think that it will save time and money for the client. We view this as a demand driven development process instead of starting with a big bang. What we think is "done" is the logo and profile. But hey ! Time will tell! Or should we say - the user feedback will tell...

Exciting stuff!

Check out the website : http://www.lookilox.se





E-Commerce websites are more easy than you would think... Just start off with ERP and UX

When we in the community talk about e-commerce websites we usually start with design and UX. the last thing on our minds is connecting it all to an ERP.

And on the other hand - if a client talks directly to their ERP provider then typically the conversation will start off with ERP functionality and then design will be covered like "We will take the design from the regular website and use that..."

Both are wrong.

Here is the solution to all your e-commerce problems.

Take a look at some of these designs:

They are all really cool and look great. Their simple design and structure make them work.

Now Look at function. Ease of use. What do they sell? How do they sell it?

This is the key lesson of any design process involving e-commerce. Start with the brand and work backwards. What is unique? Take that. Go with it.

Delivering good e-com design that sells products isnt that hard, just dont forget UX and ERP. The design of the page is the last thing on the todo list.

People will not buy your stuff if you don't make it easy.

And don't forget google :)