Summer Summer

Its summer and we are taking the rest of the month off. Skyhatt will be back in action first week in August!

For our clients - we have a standby crew on call - Just call the office - +46 40 306350 and we will assist you!


Skurups Sparbank - annual report - Work in Progress

Most of today we are spending working on the final touches to Skurups Sparbank's annual report.

The cool thing is that the bank have decided to not only show numbers, chart and bankety sort of stuff but also provide information on what they mean to the local community. Wow. Brave move for a bank - and one that we support all the way!

Here are a few shots of our work in progress:

Work in Progress - Our Terrace :)

Accorrding to Wikipedia:

A terrace is an outdoor, occupiable extension of a building above ground level. Although its physical characteristics may vary to a great degree, a terrace will generally be larger than a balcony and will have an "open-top" facing the sky.

Terraces are highly versatile in terms of functionality and can be used for a variety of activities including, but not limited to: gardening, relaxation, entertaining guests, sunbathing, and barbecuing. Sometimes, there is a hot tub, jacuzzi, or a small swimming pool on terraces.

There may also be an outdoor kitchen or a barbecue grill. Extra space adds value to the property.

Well - according to Skyhatt a terrace is this:

And in August we are going to fill it with beer and burgers. Welcome :)

Wanna play golf? (Golf i Skåne)

So is golf a sport or just an excuse to walk around with funny trousers? Well - take a look at these pictures:


So Cristian Sterning...


...here at Skyhatt got the idea of producing "Golf in Skåne" - a publication showing the best of Skåne's Golf offering.

Here is the result!

For more information, contact Cristian @ cristian@skyhatt.com



Work in Progress - Skurups Sparbank - New Website

Skurups Sparbank decided they needed a new website.

Skyhatt's task is now to lift the CSR offerings of the bank and develop a new, fresh look to the website. We are also instructed to consider the new visual profile we have introduced - but also maintain the connection to Swedbank.

It's a really exciting challenge for us and this is the work in progress:



The website is being built on Oracles WCM.


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