Innova solar - applied brilliance by Skyhatt

Innova Solar - Applied Brilliance!

We applied some Skyhatt brilliance to Innova for a striking visualisation of their product and brand.


Founded in the year 2000 by the business man/ manager Dr A.Sutti, Innova Technology Solutions spa was born from the idea of setting up a company that would have focused its interest in technologies able to gain competitive profits and to reach the leadership in the international markets. In the beginning, Innova was focused on the study of security systems able to detect intrusions in external areas and, on the same time, the study of sensing systems through the utilization of 3D laser scanner. The last one it’s a unique technology in its kind and Innova is a world leader, see for example the Venice historical centre sensing project.

Since 2005 Innova is active in the in the exploitation of solar energy for the generation of distributed electrical and thermal energy through innovative systems with low or zero environmental impact. The company is based in Chieti (F&A + Operations) and Cosenza (research and development). The company’s team includes the founder Dr. A. Sutti, the Eng. PL Zappacosta (co-founder and former CEO of Logitech) through the FARO Ventures investment fund whose managing director is Dr. G. Farchione. Recently Dr. F. Guidetti joined the group as shareholder and board member.

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