Aktieinvest FK AB

Aktieinvest FK AB launches new campaign mini-sites! And goes social.media-crazy!

Take a look & start investing! http://www.aktieinvest.se

Aktieinvest FK AB was founded in 1965 and has been owned by the Swedish Shareholders Association since 1989. Aktieinvest FK AB is a securities company and has permission from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and is member of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Aktieinvest FK AB mission is to provide a simple, cost-effective channel for private investors, mainly individuals, to buy and sell shares. Aktieinvest FK AB is a simple, flexible and affordable way to build wealth through long term investing. Since 1994 we have also offered individual retirement savings (IPS) in the same system as Aktieinvest FK AB.

Skyhatt has been involved with Aktieinvest FK AB since 2007.


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