Bravida Prenad - Halmstad


Bravida Sweden AB

Division South – Industry service and Automation

Bravida Industry Service and Automation in Halmstad / Hylte is a specialist unit within Bravida Sweden AB. Today there are seven offices with expertise in automation Bravida Group. Each unit has its own specialist focus, from the ventilation control to advanced process automation.
The division in Halmstad / Hylte is devoted to industrial service and automation

Bravida Industry Service and Automation have the following resources:
Automatic Builder
Measuring / Industry Service
Electrical engineering

This local offices strength is that they deliver products and solutions to clients’ needs and budget in design, cabinet construction, installation, programming, deployment, to ongoing service and support contracts. Full service includes everything from the initial needs analysis to delivery and installation of turnkey plants.

As a part of our on-going partnership with Bravida, Skyhatt produced a brochure for their Halmstad Division.


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