Kyrksajten - Website and CRM capabilities

Kyrksajten is now live. The website has advanced CRM capabilties and of course - some nice graphics! From the backend, staff can manage ads, customers, pipeline and of couse - edit content.

The web solution is built ontop of Dynamicweb CMS.



Kyrksajten - A service for Christianity in Sweden

Skyhatt was asked to rebrand the company - make it more modern and tweak the communication strategy. Lets start off with a small ad :)



OREX - Rebrand

Orex means appetite in Greek. Appetite is what Orex stands for. Appetite for food and good ingredients, but also an appetite for being a good partner. A partner who provides a little extra in terms of quality and service.

Skyhatt was asked to rebrand the company and this is our work in progress!