Friday - time for the weekend!

Just a quick note to wish you all a great weekend!

And sort of an update on what we are working on...

Tim is hard at work on a new profile for one of our clients:

And Ida and Daniel - The dynamic duo:

...And Paul is hard at work coding!





OK. So you are working on something? With who?

We are working on this:

With these fantastic companies...

bergsäker18x13.5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
Dematek9x13.5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
Kosmo9x5cmStockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
markstyrkan_9x5Stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
MSIB18x5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
NCC_Binab18x27stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
NormekBrisab18x13.5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
Peab9x5cmStockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
Perspectives9x13.5Stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
plåtkonsult_18x5cm_Stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
Projektengagemang18x13.5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
storkoksbyran9X5cm_Stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
White18x13.5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file
WSP18x13.5stockholmsarenan.pdf Download this file

Anyone want to guess now?


What are we doing?!

When we started this blog our vision was to give friends, partners and clients an insight into the day to day workings of the company. We wanted to share thoughts, projects and ideas.

Is this another "sorry for not updating post"?

Sort of. More like...

It's sort of a "This is how good intentions can be forgotten when you have a heavy workload"-post.

Let's start over.

Title: This is how good intentions can be forgotten when you have a heavy workload

And they haven't been forgotten. We have remembered all that jazz now. We are back. To kick botty.

So - what are we working on now? Well... Here is a clue:



Highest SEO rating in CMS test....

SEO firm Jajja tested a few CMS tools (quite a lot) and Dynamicweb came out with the highest marks:


Really good news for our partner Dynamicweb AB and really good news for all our clients that use Dynamicweb as their CMS platform!

Good job guys!