Istituto Bruno Leoni

The Istituto Bruno Leoni promotes a public discussion of awareness and information on the themes of the environment, competition, energy, market liberalisation, taxation, privatization and reform of the social state.
Created in 2003 on the model of Anglo-Saxon think tanks, IBL strives to be a stimulation and  resource for the political class by raising the level of awareness of  private citizens, and drawing their attention to all matters involving public policy and the role of the state in the economy.

The Istituto Bruno Leoni is active in the compilation of research and studies, and runs an important publishing program which includes both books on general issues and papers exploring particular issues.
All IBL publications are rigorously researched yet accessible to the common reader.

In addition to this, IBL organizes stimulating events and seminars to focus public attention on new public policy proposals, and to promote a needed updating of Italian culture. In this environment, the Institute is especially dedicated to the training of students and young scholars through a large program of seminars for the benefit of the young from Italy, the rest of Europe and developing countries.

IBL philosophy is given different names, such as “liberal”, “libertarian”, or “market-oriented”.  The inspiration of the institute comes from Bruno Leoni, a great philosopher of law whose works and thought IBL spreads throughout Italy and abroad. IBL has dedicated the site “Rediscovering Bruno Leoni” to the figure of Bruno Leoni.

In the world of real politics, IBLfight for solutions which offer breathing space to civil society, and which give resources back to the economy, while liberalizing competition and trade to the end of greater wellbeing and wealth for all.

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