Lookilox is launched - now in Beta!

As posted previously - creating an e-commerce website is a big challenge. Creating a user friendly experience together with displaying EXACTLY the products the user wants and needs is a further challenge.

With the launch of LookiLox.se we decided to approach this from the "lets keep it simple" methodology. The site is basic. But loaded and powered by Dynamicweb's statistic module. We will track user behaviour in the beta stage and then leverage new functionality, design and UX to solve real world problems instead of trying to get it perfect right from the start.

It's a new approach. But we think that it will save time and money for the client. We view this as a demand driven development process instead of starting with a big bang. What we think is "done" is the logo and profile. But hey ! Time will tell! Or should we say - the user feedback will tell...

Exciting stuff!

Check out the website : http://www.lookilox.se





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