E-Commerce websites are more easy than you would think... Just start off with ERP and UX

When we in the community talk about e-commerce websites we usually start with design and UX. the last thing on our minds is connecting it all to an ERP.

And on the other hand - if a client talks directly to their ERP provider then typically the conversation will start off with ERP functionality and then design will be covered like "We will take the design from the regular website and use that..."

Both are wrong.

Here is the solution to all your e-commerce problems.

Take a look at some of these designs:

They are all really cool and look great. Their simple design and structure make them work.

Now Look at function. Ease of use. What do they sell? How do they sell it?

This is the key lesson of any design process involving e-commerce. Start with the brand and work backwards. What is unique? Take that. Go with it.

Delivering good e-com design that sells products isnt that hard, just dont forget UX and ERP. The design of the page is the last thing on the todo list.

People will not buy your stuff if you don't make it easy.

And don't forget google :)


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