Can you handle Christmas?

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Christmas is approaching and e-stores all over the world are getting ready to provide this year’s killer gifts.

One thing that many stores forget is the jump in traffic that the Christmas Season gives them. The question is – Can your infrastructure handle it?

The average online shopper will wait 4 seconds before going to a competitor.

The first thing on your Christmas To-Do list is make sure that IT is aware of forthcoming campaigns that might stress the website past the know tolerance levels. Get marketing and IT to talk to each other!

Time to grab market share! If you are prepared and your competitors are not; when their websites are slow, unresponsive or maybe even down then shoppers will go elsewhere. Make sure you can handle the extra traffic!

Test, test and test again. Sites like www.loadimpact.com can give powerful insight into how geared your infrastructure is. Test. Change. Test again.

Don’t forget 3rd party content and don’t let it be your downfall! Many websites integrate content from a 3rd party. It can be a facebook or twitter widget or maybe even stock information. Make sure that the loading of your website is NOT DEPENDENT on 3rd party content being delivered. If the 3rd party website cannot serve content then your website should continue rendering regardless.

Last but not least – Check your bandwidth! Does your host cap bandwidth? Can you increase the capacity of your line “on demand”? Is the bandwidth allocated to your server dedicated or is it shared?

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