NSR (Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB)

NSR - Leading biogas producers in Sweden

NSR (Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB) is a regional cooperation in Waste Management. The region of Northwest Skåne has 225 000 inhabitants.

NSR's board of directors are represented by politicians from the six municipalities.

NSR's recycling company are owned by six municipalities Bjuv, Båstad, Helsingborg, Höganäs, Åstorp and Ängelholm and is one of the leading biogas producers in Sweden. NSR has always been in the frontline of research and development and possesses also a high competence within biological treatment, waste characterisation and landfill research.

Treatment should be chosen according to waste composition and waste properties. NSR follow the waste treatment hierarchy:

Avoidance & Minimisation 
Recovery (incineration, gasification)
Disposal (landfilling)

NSR saw the need to revamp their web presence and asked Skyhatt to redesign the website. This is the result:

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