What do you do when programming is done, graphics are there and photography is shopped?

Start adding content, of course!

In a lot of web projects, adding content is the largest and most time-consuming task. Weird, isn't it? For many it comes as a shock that a web site needs good copy/content. You are so focused under the project in getting it LOOKING GOOD - FEELING GOOD that you forget the most important parts.

Now don't get us wrong - we love interaction design more than most! But the challenge facing interactive designers is keeping pace with the evolution of a website. Once you get to the stage of adding content; many agencies experience that the scope of the project has changed so much it requires a rethink. Why?

What do we mean here?

Well - in our development process we dummy things up and we test and test and test. User studies and all that jazz. Just like everyone else.

But the thing that many people forget is that the user experience has to be spot on in the future as well as on the delivery date. This is why Skyhatt has developed it's own 3 stage UX process. It's quite simple to outline. Past, Present and Future. When we design a GUI we start off with our three steps.

1) Past. How DID it work. What was learned/experienced?

2) Present. Now your GUI will look like "This". Let's test it. This is the step that most designers do. This is also where they stop.

3) Future. Combine the Past and the Present and jazz it up with some new ideas. Where is this going? Expand the amount of products! Tripple the amount of information! Just go crazy! And then ask yourself the question - does it still work?

Look at our Work In Progress "Lookilox" - http://lookilox.nlabseo.com/ Now we are starting to add content and shape the experience...

Exciting stuff!

Want to talk UX with us? Please do!

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